All Dating Compare started out as a simple review site of online dating and contacts agencies to be funded by affiliate advertising.

As more features were requested by the client the processing of the data and maintaining the simplicity of the user pages became more complex.

The entire site is driven by a custom Content Management System which allows the administrators a high level of control.
All Dating Compare Home Page
Site Listings
Each site is assigned one of four categories under which they can be listed.

The category listing page shows a limited amount of data relevant to each site with links to the review page and the reviewed website.
Site Review
The review page is dynamically created depending on what data is stored for each of the sites. This includes, but is not limited to, the advertising content which will display the relevant adverts depending on which category the reviewed site is stored under.

It is possible for the users of the site to participate as they are able to rate a site on several points, this information is then stored and is used to generate the sites rating.
Click Through Logs
As the revenue for this site is generated from affiliate deals, it is very important to be able to track when a user has visited a site. This information can then be checked against the affiliates records.

Each day a csv file is created which can be viewed online or downloaded.

The site also records, as a csv, a log of user ratings. This is can be used to stop "spam" ratings.
Custom Ad Management
Due to the increasing number of flash banner ads it was necessary to create a custom ad rotator that would be able to display flash content. It was also required that the same ad would not show on the same page multiple times.

With the large number of ads being held on the system an ad search facility was needed. This allows a small number of ads to be displayed.
Edit Ad
It was also necessary that the adverts should be editable, the target URL needed to be specified and the category of the ad had to be set as well as whether the ad should be active or not.

Also the position and size of the advert could be chosen.