The aim of Eastbourne Takeaways was to host all the takeaway menus from Eastbourne and the surrounding area giving the public free and unrestricted access to the menus and contact details of the restaurants.

This is a unique idea within Eastbourne as many sites already hosting menus make an income from a percentage of each meal ordered through their sites and as such do not give the contact details of the restaurant until an order has been placed.

The main design considerations for the site were that it should be uncluttered and easy to navigate. This was achieved by a combination of tabbed and drop down menus.
Eastbourne Takeaways Home Page
Menu Listing
Another requirement for the site was to be able to easily identify which restaurant is open at any given time. Within the restaurant listings a label clearly showing the whether the restaurant is open or not fulfilled this need.

Customer ratings are also displayed on the listings page.
Menu Display
On the menu page the restaurants contact details are readily available including phone numbers, address (with a link to Google Maps), opening times and customer ratings.

The menus are interactive allowing the user to select items from the menu to create their personal meal. Items that are selected from the menu are displayed on the right of the page and are always visible. Items can be added or removed from a meal selection with a single click.

A running total for the price of the meal is clearly visible.

A customer review section is currently planned to allow customers to leave their comments and reviews of each restaurant.

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