After selecting the coin dealer template our client required a website with the look and feel of E-Bay where he had been selling coins for a number of years.

This requirement was to allow our client a consistent selling environment and by modifying the template we were able to cater to this request.

The client also required the ability to load up to 4 images for each coin, whereas previously our template only catered for 2 images.

Only one image was to be displayed at a time. The image would be changed by hovering or clicking on a thumbnail of the other images. Home Page
Coin Details
The coin detail pop-up was also modified to resemble the E-bay larger image pop-up in size and functionality.

With the modifications to the user viewable site, the administration site also needed to be modified to be able to process the new data.

Add New Coin
At this stage the client has not integrated with a payment gateway, however PayPal, Sage Pay or any payment service provider can easily be added later.

View live.