This project was based on a template created to produce a specialist website for the display of collectable coins. Whilst there were, of course, similarities to the original template site, this client required a site capable of dealing with many more coin denominations.

Rather than a pop-up window to show the customer the coin in greater detail, the client preferred to display his stock on a page within the site. On this page the customer can see the coin in much greater detail, view its description, make an offer on the coin or contact the seller with queries relating to this particular coin.

The Content Management System was modified to handle the larger number of coin denominations.

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Coin Details
Among other changes to the administration portion of the site, a method to reorder the coin denominations had to be created. Also adding new denominations needed to be a simple matter for the client.
Admin - For Sale Coins
The client chose not to have payment integration added to the website at this time, however integrating with a payment gateway is a module that can be added at a later time.

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