This projects aim was to produce a specialist website for the display of collectable coins, in this case Crowns, Half Crowns and a limited number of other coins, from which customers could view detailed images and make enquires about individual coins.

A sized pop-up window opens to show the customer the coin in greater detail. On this page the customer can make an offer on the coin, contact the seller with queries relating to this particular coin or join a mailing list specific to this type and year of coin.
Simon Chester Coins Home Page
Coin Pop-up
As the content of the site would need to be updated on a regular basis we created a custom Content Management System which would be easy for a non technical person to update.

From within the administration pages it is possible to view items listed for sale, stock items and there is also a section for listing a personal collection. It is also possible to add new coins or administrators.
Add New Coin

The process of adding a new coin is made easier by the fact that a file upload box enables the user to select an image stored on his computer. When the form is submitted the image is uploaded to the website and a thumbnail image is automatically created.

To edit or delete a coin is simply a matter of selecting the coin from a list, this opens the edit coin page. Alterations to the coins details or images can be made and then resubmitted. These changes are made in "real time" and would instantly be visible to customers.

To reduce the administrative overhead of taking payments the client requested that the site was integrated with PayPal.

This not only enables the client to accept credit card and PayPal payments but also automates the sold coins removal from display.

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