Street learning is a community project that had developed their original website in house using SWSoft Sitebuilder. This led to a large amount of rubbish code being placed into the original pages and also caused the pages to be ignored by the search engines.

We were asked to consult on how to improve the search engine placement for this site, and we presented Eastbourne Homes Ltd with the option to completely re-write the website using today's web standards.

Paul Verhulpen Web Solutions donated all their time spent on this project.
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As well as updating the website code whilst maintaining the original design of the website, we also added a simple Content Management System to allow easier administration of the site.

This allows the project staff to update the courses, timetables and news articles without reliance on a web development company.

The use of HTML edit boxes allows the project staff to alter the appearance of the text and add hyperlinks to the project partners.